Sharing Stories Through Video Production.

Share more of you with powerful video content.

Amazing product? Check. Amazing team? Check. Marketing content that shows everyone just how amazing you are? Eeeeek. 

By combining our extensive understanding of consumer behaviour with our obsession for good stories and good video production, we create content that pairs you up with your dream clients. 

Storytelling through compelling video production.

We’re obsessed with telling stories and telling them right. It’s all about the extra mile and the finishing touches that you don’t notice are there, but would notice if they weren’t. Every shot, every sound, every transition counts. We know it’s about more than making it pretty. It’s about making it work and making sure it tells a piece of the story. A piece that’ll leave your audience hungry for the next part — whether that’s an Instagram post, a website, or a big screen advertisement. 

Our video disrupts content binging.

Content is everywhere and people are consuming so much of it. So, it’s important for your video content to be as strong as your brand. It needs to grab their attention, resonate with them, and move them. Moving them might mean they follow your page, sign up for your offer, or buy your product. We make sure every detail of your social media content or brand story has a purpose.

Everything looks better with video.

It’s true. We love photography, we love pairing photo with video —it’s kind of our thing actually. But, if you have a powerful story to tell, video is the strongest way to do it. Video production transforms websites. Product videos sell features (better than any features list could, too). Explainer videos resonate like nothing else. Video campaigns really are the future.

Video: fit for a purpose.

We’d never deliver you a video and leave you to your own resources. Whether it’s a product video or a full-blown video campaign, we want it to have the most impact possible. So, we’ll deliver your content optimised for the places you need it shared — so it’s placed perfectly, no matter where you want to post it. 

Always matching the creative to the strategy.

Video production is our thing, so we go to the next level to bring together something amazing for you. It starts with matching the creative to the strategy. It means we don’t sit down and storyboard a stunning video, then work together to pull relevance and meaning from it. We sit down and we find the purpose, we find your business’ lightbulb moment. Then, we craft video around a strong brand, a strong message, and most importantly, a strong purpose. 

Yes, we do have a drone.

We’re a fully, legitimate video production company and we carry many tools. At ShareStory, we’re passionate about making amazing video accessible. We’re making the principles of the biggest advertising video productions available to smaller businesses. It doesn’t stop at aerial footage — it goes miles beyond it. 

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