Video Production Services Brisbane

We combine strategic thinking with hands-on creative to deliver some of the top video production services Brisbane has around.

Obsessed With Supporting Brisbane Businesses Through Video Production Services

At ShareStory, we feel pretty blessed that we get to support Brisbane businesses through the clever combination of creativity and strategy. Offering video production services that cater to these businesses and their marketing, brand awareness, or even their internal operations feels like a huge perk of our job. Aside from, you know, creating those videos.

Video Production Services Brisbane: Our Services

Just because it’s corporate doesn’t mean it can’t be creative. A creative approach to your video means we’ll have thought about it from all angles and perspectives, it’ll be strategic, and it’ll look good. Our video producers approach every project with a creative mindset, so we can solve problems as they arise, think of new and exciting ideas, and continue to tell interesting stories that connect.

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We’ll Map Out Your Video’s Shots And Workshop These With You

When you come to us with an idea, no matter how specific, we’ll storyboard all the different shots that go into that video. This way we can accurately communicate the vision to our team and to yours. From there, we can workshop it together. There might be a line or a shot or an idea generally you specifically want included, or maybe a line or shot you specifically don’t want included. Having all of these shots planned and somewhat approved ahead of time means on the day, we can just show up and shoot. It saves you and your team’s time and it streamlines the process.

Any Scripting Will Be Drafted Up For You Too

We’re big on planning ahead for your big shoot day. Especially when it comes to scripting, it’s so good for you to know ahead of time what you’ll be saying in the video. More than that though, drafting the script and workshopping it together helps us better target the individual points in the brief and of course, make sure we’re addressing the video’s goals as we go.

Video Shoot Day Will Run Like A Dream

Once we’ve got your script together and have listed all the different shots within your storyboard, we’re ready to go. Come shoot day, we’ll be totally prepared to show up with a plan. It means the day runs quickly, simply, and we take any of that expected stress out of the day and make it a bit fun instead.

Then Post-Production Ties It All Together

Now we’ve shot all of the content we need, it’s time to turn it into a nice polished video. That’s where our magical post-production team comes in. They’ll cleverly tie all the best shots together and edit it to look its best. Our post-production team is responsible for making sure your video looks good, makes sense, and tells a story (and tells it correctly). They’ll also ensure the videos delivered are the correct size for their destined platform, the colours are correct, and any required animation or visual effects have been applied to your video.

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We can’t wait to share your story. Fill in the form or get in touch to join us for a lightbulb session.

Our Video Production Services Get You Noticed

By now, we’ve established that corporate video production is crazy useful, not to mention versatile. No matter what you’re using the video for though, you want it to look good too. It needs to be representative of your brand, make you look professional, and it needs to look really good. We get it. Our videos are crisp, clean, and very pleasant to watch.

Meet Your Video Production Team

At ShareStory we have a team of expert creatives in their fields. Each team member works together to combine a bunch of creativity, a bunch of strategy, and inject this into a story. We love telling stories that get your dream audience’s attention, communicate the benefit of you to them, and in turn earns you more views, attention, or business.

Video Production Services Brisbane: Your FAQs

Any kind! We’ll work with product-based businesses on product photography, feature videos, or video advertisements. Our team can support service-based businesses through the creation of explainer videos, testimonial videos, or advertisements as well. 

As well as those, we’ve been blessed to work alongside early learning centres, recruitment agencies, sport teams, and robotics programming companies. We’re really good at working with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and then package all the best bits of it into a video for you.

Yes of course! Video is amazing and of course it can stand up and earn you more business all on its own. When we factor video into your campaign alongside photography though? We can actually kind of superpower each other up and give them a boost. 

It means your campaign is strengthened by another set of content and more importantly, that campaign is totally cohesive as both sets of content were planned at the same time.

In the preparation phase for your video production services, we’ll storyboard your entire video, shot by shot. We’ll write up any scripting you need prepared and we’ll share all of our planning with you, so you’re totally across it.

As involved as you want to be in it. We love getting to come up with ideas and fun plans for your video’s content — but not everyone is as obsessed with videos and stories as us. That’s okay! You can sit down with us and workshop all these different ideas, or you can leave it with us and approve the different stages as we go.

We hope so! When we create your video, we’re working with you to imitate the very best version of your business. So, if your business is highly professional or extremely cool, or the sweetheart of the industry, we’ll be sure to incorporate and emulate that in your video.

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