Video Production & Marketing: Make The Most Out Of Your Campaign

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So, you’ve decided you’re going to get you and your business onto a video advertising or marketing campaign. Video is a big investment, so when you choose a video production company, you want to know you’re getting the very most out of them. 

Here’s Why Video Is So Versatile

Video Caters To Our Distracted Friends

Video takes so little effort to consume. It doesn’t really ask much of the viewer — there’s no reading, no conscious effort. All they have to do is watch it. 

It Communicates Everything You Need It To

When you’re trying to communicate the benefit of a complex topic, a tricky solution, or even a scientific process, video can be really helpful. We could write 5,000 words or we could draw up a series of diagrams. Or, we could simply craft a video that has that visual aspect, a voiceover explanation, and even any aiding animations added in. 

It Caters To All These Different Goals

You can use video as a means to up your brand. You can create brand awareness and buzz through Youtube videos, social media videos, or general advertising. Of course, you can chuck a video almost straight into your marketing campaign — unless it’s a print campaign. You can use video to explain processes, communicate benefits, showcase products, or just simply showcase your business. 

So how do you make the most out of your video production?

Here are our top tips and nuggets of wisdom for making the most out of your campaign.

In Case We Haven’t Said It Enough, Base It On A Story

Stories resonate. Humans love stories. There’s a reason streaming is so popular and TV was before that, and books before that. We relate to the characters in stories. Stories entertain us, educate us, and they share new perspectives. Storytelling is a gentler way to communicate what your business is about, what its benefit is, and perhaps, why your audience needs you.  

Establish Your Video’s Goal Ahead Of Time

Planning is crucial to success, but before you plan? You need to establish your goal. Just wanting to make a video, or use a video for marketing isn’t enough. You need to know who you’re targeting, why you’re targeting them, and what you should be communicating to them. You also need to know what you actually want them to do. Should they visit your website to learn more? Follow you on social media? Should they call you? Fill in an enquiry form on your website? 

This can be super tricky to work out — especially if you’re not so creative or video production-inclined. Our team can workshop these ideas with you in a Lightbulb Session. 

Stay Organised & On Top Of Your Goal On The Day

You should have your video planned to the tee. Storyboard all of your shots, have any required scripts prepared, and have a rough timeline ready ahead of the day. Then, on the day, keep to the timeline and the storyboard! 

When you partner with our video production agency, we’ll take care of all of this for you. So, on the day you can just show up and do your thing. If you’re still searching for the perfect video production company for you, be sure to ask them about these preparation stages. 

Using Video Across Your Social Media Platforms

So you’ve got your video together for your website, Youtube, or blog. You can ask your video production company to chop and change some shots in the video to create a new video for your Facebook or Instagram to create a really cohesive campaign across all the platforms. 

Transcribe Your Videos & Repurpose Your Content

Like we said earlier, video production is a solid investment. So, you want to make the very most out of it. That doesn’t necessarily mean just go ahead and slap it on every platform you have that supports video content. There are a few things you can do to really milk the benefits of the video though.

SEO It Up With Transcription

Especially if you’re uploading your new video on Youtube or your website, transcribe it. You can even go and find the keywords your audience or potential customers are searching and include those throughout your transcription. Google’s robots can’t really crawl a video and work out what it’s all about. So by transcribing the script and even describing some of the shots in a video description, you’re giving Google actual words to crawl and therefore index your website accordingly. 

As well as all those juicy SEO benefits, transcribing your videos makes them more accessible too. By describing the shots in the description, you’re allowing people with sight impairments to better understand what’s happening in the video. By transcribing all of the script, you’re allowing people with hearing impairments to better understand the video too. 

Transform It Into A Blog

If you’ve nabbed yourself an E-Learning course or series of educational videos you can translate these into blog posts to double your content, boost your website, and generally save yourself some time. 

Most business owners don’t have the time to create a blog post, an Instagram post, an educational video, and a newsletter every single week or even month. By creating one video or one blog post that you can translate across these other channels you can save yourself time and effort. 

Power Up Your Email Marketing

Include your video in your newsletter or email marketing materials. You can embed it and encourage engagement by asking your audience questions about the video or for their opinion. Or you can share a snippet of the video and direct them through to your website to boost traffic. 

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