Video Production Companies: What To Consider

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You’ve got your amazing business, you’ve worked out which marketing channels suit you best, and now you’re in need of video. There’s so many amazing video production companies across Brisbane and Australia and they seem to offer the same things — so how do you choose one? Do you pick a company that’s worked in your industry before? Or do you opt for the cheapest quote?

There are actually so many different factors to consider when choosing your video production agency.

Video production companies should be insured & across legals

The most boring point, but the most important: are they legally responsible?


When you partner with video production companies, chances are that nothing will go wrong. But, you still need to be covered if something does. If there’s an incorrect claim in your video, if something is misconstrued as slander or defamation — it’s essential your video company has public indemnity insurance.

Copyright & Legalities

Are they across copyright laws? Any music, content, and even words need to be licensed for reuse and if they’re not? It could result in a copyright infringement. As well as that, they need to be creating their own video content — not plagiarising other creators and certainly not stealing trademarks.

OH&S & PPE Aware

Are they aware of your industry’s OH&S and PPE requirements? If you’re inviting video production companies out to your worksite or your warehouse, you want to trust they’re going to show up in appropriate clothing and footwear.

Do they get your style? Do your brands align?

You need a video production company that gets your style and gets you. You’ll end up spending a lot of time with this company, so it’s important you like each other. Do their values align with yours? What about their voice?

If your business is creative and edgy, will a super corporate company be able to pull off what you’re after? Read their website, their social posts, their marketing materials and get a feel for the company.

Style-wise: sus out their work. Look for examples of their videos that nail the vibe you’re after too.

A good video production company is communicative & professional

When you’re kicking off an advertising or marketing campaign, you’re going to want a video production company you can rely on. That means a company who’s set up with an appropriate team, effective communication, and the right resources.

Say you’re a Mum and Dad business, you’re just starting out, and your budget isn’t much better than a sandwich’s unwanted crust — then a freelancer will suit you pretty well. They might have a longer turnaround time, fewer cameras, and less fancy equipment — but they can do the job.

If you’re an established company that’s launching a new product, service, or campaign, then you probably will want to pay that higher cost for a better experience. It means if someone is unwell or takes a holiday — the shoot isn’t immediately off.

It means you can expect a higher standard of quality (and usually quantity too). The actual deliverables are really important here too. If a video production company is selling a half-day on-site — what does that include? One video? One video for three different platforms? Be sure to ask the question.

What’s your capacity like? Do you need a full-service company?

Do you have your own fresh ideas for what your video should look like? Do you know what message you’re trying to send or what the purpose of the video is?

A good video production company will uncover all of that for you. They’ll organise everything: from the concept to the shot list to telling you and your team when and where to be. Video production companies on the lower end of the price scale may not have the same resources, time, or commitment to your project.

You might need the company to collaborate with other stakeholders too. Maybe a social media marketing agency or a web design company. Do you have the time to organise communication between the two and relay exactly what’s needed from either side? Or do you need the company to be able to take initiative and help you keep your project on track?

So, they make your video look goooood. What about your business?

When you partner with a video production company, they’re kind of representing your brand. So, while it’s essential their content looks good, it’s also essential that they’re making you look good.

You need to ensure they have a good reputation and a professional image. If they’re posting controversial takes, unprofessional content, or have a reputation for not paying staff or contractors properly, that can come back to you. If you wouldn’t be proud to introduce the company to your personal network, then keep looking.

Are your price expectations accurate for the product you want?

You know how you can go to Kmart and pick up a cookware set for $50 or you can go to a homewares store and pick one up for $500. But, if you go to Kmart, you kind of know that set will last a few years tops. Whereas your $500 set? That’s an investment — and it’s worth it, you’ll have it for years to come. Neither choice is necessarily correct. It depends on what you’re after.

Video production companies are kind of the same. Except, where materials, coatings, and non-stick-ness contribute to the price of cookware; content quality, production quality, and standard of project management are what writes the price tag for your video.

So, do you know what sort of investment you’re looking at for the standard of video you want? How involved do you expect to be? It’s good to have all of your expectations sorted before you start seeking quotes.

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