Video Production

When it comes to marketing and advertising, your business needs something that showcases the value of partnering with you, while asking the least of the consumer. Meet video production, Brisbane.

Video Production Brisbane: Up Your Marketing Game

You’re keen to get your business noticed through video production and you have all these amazing ideas. We love ideas and we love developing them and building on them until we have a masterpiece of a campaign in front of us. When you come along to us with a good idea, we’ll give it a boost of aspiration, define its purpose, and sprinkle in some consumer psychology — so we know it’ll connect.

From the top of your website to Instagram

Our video production agency engineers every piece of content we develop for its purpose. So, if we’re creating a video for your Instagram campaign, then we’re creating a video that quickly pops in with your target audience and gives them the short and sweet of your business. If we’re creating your website’s header video — then we’re creating something to delight that website visitor who’s in full consumer-mode.

Have your lightbulb moment.

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Telling stories through video production

Stories are how humans connect. And in marketing? Connection is a biggie. We’ll develop your story with your target audience in mind. Which bits can we highlight and emphasise that’ll have the most impact? What will resonate with them the most? And, how can we succinctly pack that into a video that they’ll watch from start to finish and maybe even over again.

Video Production for Live Streams & E-Learning

E-Learning and live streams are an amazing way to add value for your audience and position yourself as this clever, authoritative voice in your industry. With this power, naturally, comes great responsibility. And that’s to offer up a quality stream or a well-produced video — balancing your iPhone against a big book won’t always cut it. We can develop clever E-Learning materials and high quality live streams for you.

Video production that’s pretty and works

Obviously, you want your video to look good, but you need it to work as well. It needs to convert peekers into followers, convert your audience into fans of your work, and convert considerers into customers. And of course, it needs to look good and impress. We bring the very best and most impressive video production techniques to every project.

Video production is your new favourite tool

Video production is a versatile tool your business can add to its kit. Use it to build your business by leveraging its insane power. We’ll deliver your video to you so that it’s fit for a range of platforms. Instagram, Facebook, websites — we’ll make sure it’s the right size, running length, and resolution, so all you need to do is upload it.

Have your lightbulb moment.

We can’t wait to share your story. Fill in the form or get in touch to join us for a lightbulb session.

Our videos are

When you’re trying to market your business and create hype around your offering, it’s essential you’re planning effectively. So, we never just show up to your business, film some footage, and see what we can do. We plan and storyboard every shot we want to get on the day. Then, during the editing process, we think of everything. Every shot and every sound in the video is scrutinised and considered from every angle.

Did we mention they’re strategy-backed?

Sure, we’re a highly creative agency but for video production to be effective, it needs a dose of strategy. We work out what problem you solve, which void you fill, and who needs you. Then, we tailor a video to them. What do they need to know to understand your value? And how can we best connect with them? Is it through a heartfelt story? Or is light-hearted humour the key to their heart? Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to pack it into our video.

Video Production FAQs

When we talk about video production, we’re talking about the planning, shooting, and editing that goes into producing a video.

You’ll get the A-Team out for your video production day, we’ll rock up with a plan too. So, there’s no standing around working out what to shoot next. We’ll know absolutely every shot we want to get while we’re with you. We’ll film and collect every shot and then edit these for you in a range of formats so they’re ready for your Instagram, your website’s header, and your ‘About Us’ page. 

  • Video production team
  • Full suite of equipment
  • Editing & optimising
  • The stunning finished product

Video is really useful for marketing materials like your social media channels, your website, and even live stream events. As well as that though, you can add value and widen your audience through E-Learning videos or explainer videos. Video can support blog content, it can sell products in eCommerce, and you can even replace lengthy company inductions with video.

Honestly? Because consumers are a little bit lazy. Video fits into their blind social media scrolling, it doesn’t ask too much of them (literally just watch it), and you can actually condense a lot of information into a video.

Heck yeah we do, along with a full suite of professional-grade video production equipment to get almost any shot.

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