Marketing Video Production: Using Video To Sell

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Using video in your marketing or advertising is a surefire way to create new fans and adorers fast. But, it’s not quite as simple as just creating a video and letting it bring in that business. There’s a heap of different elements that work together to create a video that sells your business and encourages its viewers to buy your product or ask you for a quote. 

Why marketing videos rake in business

We love video, if you couldn’t tell. But, the thing that makes marketing video production such a powerful tool is that it’s built to communicate with even the laziest of consumers. It’s a quick and easy way to list and demonstrate everything that makes your business, or your specific product or service amazing. The best bit? It doesn’t ask the viewer for anything. They don’t need to read or think, and if the video is crafted well, it’ll stay with them.

How you can use marketing videos

You can use video for a paid social media campaign, you can use it on a product sales page, a service’s landing page, or on your ‘About Us’ page — you know, to sell the team. Marketing video fits in just about everywhere — as long as it’s purpose-built and made with that strategy in mind.

Making sure your video sells

So, the reason you’re here: using video to sell. There are three different ways to look at marketing video production. Firstly, the strategic view point: who are we targeting? What do they want to see? How can we best reach them?

Then there’s the content side: what do you actually say or show them? Are you acting out a scene? Educating the viewer? Running them through the product?

And, lastly, there’s the visual side. Does it look good? Is it nice and clear and crisp? Is it pleasant to watch?

The Strategic Side

Strategy is what makes your video a success. You can have the most amazing video production in the world, the most beautifully aesthetic shots, and stunning post-production work. But, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a strategy behind it. You need a plan. Who are you targeting? Where are you targeting them? What do you want them to do after watching the video? 

You need to hash out all those finer details: the Who, What, Where, Why, How of it all. Having all this, ready to go when it comes to plan the video will give you a leg up in the marketing video game.

The Content Side

This isn’t about the strategy or the aesthetics — it’s what you’ll show your audience, what you’ll say, and how you’ll communicate. Below are some surefire content approaches to get you results. 

Pack it full of benefits

When people are presented with a new product or service, they want to know how it benefits them specifically. Try and think of the lifestyle your target market leads — how will you change that for the better? 

Tell a familiar story

People love stories. It starts with Disney and nighttime stories and runs through to our adult obsessions with movies, TV, and books. Stories are our #1 pastime and so it makes sense that, even when a company tells us a story in the hopes we buy their products, we still listen, resonate, and usually buy. 

Show how it works

Demo videos are so valuable. Run your audience through your clever software, unbox your product and show how easy it is to put together, or demonstrate the science behind the product.

Educate the viewer or entertain them

You can run your audience through your product and educate them on how to use it for a specific need or a new purpose. Or, entertain them. You can bury the perfectly-crafted message in a video that still seeks to entertain or make your audience laugh.


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Combine all of these elements

You can take a slice of each of these tips and combine them to create a super powerful video. Watch an example from Zendesk below. 

The Visual Side

Make sure it looks good

You need your marketing video to look good. If you’re going the DIY route, your abilities come post production won’t be as sharp as they could be. So think about where and how you’re shooting. Tidy the space first, make sure everything looks perfect, and make sure it’s in focus.

Use a tripod 

Use a tripod, use one of those mini tripod alternatives for your phone, or, if all else fails, balance the camera on a makeshift tripod. A makeshift tripod can be a wall, a table, or a collection of bricks. Even some of the best videographers can’t pull off the handheld ~aesthetic~.

Make sure your video works too

When crafted right, video can sell really, really well. Especially if you implement those tips up there. On top of that though, it’s also essential your video works. If you’re going to DIY your own marketing video production it’s absolutely essential you’re rendering the video in the correct formats. 

The tricky bit here is that social media platforms will often update their platforms and the ideal sizes may change. There are a tonne of resources for this online, but Sprout Social are pretty across keeping their Social Media Video Specs up to date.

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