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Branding: it’s a lot more than just logo design. Don’t get us wrong, your logo is a huge part of your brand. But all those other little things… like your brand colours, typography, business cards — they build an identity, a personality, and something you’ll be recognised by for years to come.

Your new Branding Agency Brisbane

When you come to ShareStory for a logo, you’ll never, ever leave with just a logo. You’ll walk out with a full branding package to help you stand out and thrive in your industry. Our team knows branding and we know exactly how to craft a brand to perfection.

Translating good ideas into better Logo Design

We don’t want to just collect your details and come back to you with a design. It’s your business and no one knows it like you do. So, your ideas for your brand are invaluable. We’ll throw different concepts around with you to get a stack of ideas together. Then, we’ll turn those ideas into a clever brand that represents you, just like you imagined.

Brand identity that tells your story

Your brand identity needs to look schmick, obviously, but there’s so much more to your brand. If you think of your logo and your brand as the foundation of your marketing materials, every next step is going to continue to build onto those foundations. So, when we work with you to develop your brand, we need to know we’re setting you up for success, wherever it goes next. That might be to your website, a flyer, or social media.

Have your lightbulb moment.

We can’t wait to share your story. Fill in the form or get in touch to join us for a lightbulb session.

Be the business your dream customer wants to find

The perfect brand is built on the perfect mix of strategy and emotion. The strategy is determining who your dream customer is, where they are, what they do, and what kind of stories, messages, colours, and visuals resonate with them. The emotion? That’s resonating, connecting, and in turn, actually building a relationship through your brand. We’ll work with you to work out both the strategic and emotional sides to craft your logo design.

Corporation-standard Logo Design, tailored to SMEs

At ShareStory we’re big believers in the notion that even the smallest businesses can thrive with the right support. It means our design process won’t change depending on the size of your business. “Just throw something easy together,” is a sentence that you’ll never hear uttered in our office. We tailor the very best logo design techniques to our small business friends.

Logo Design animates your Story

Your logo design is more than a collection of shapes and colours. It’s arguably your most important brand asset, it’s your first impression, it’s the basis for your entire brand identity. It’s a big deal. We load a bunch of research, connection, and love into your logo to make sure it tells your story properly.

Pair it with Design, Photo or Video

With your foundations already laid in the form of a powerful brand, we can set you up with all the marketing materials you need to make bank thrive. You might need a compelling hero video for your website or an explainer video for your homepage. Maybe you need a suite of photos to boost your social media presence. Or, some well-designed graphics to break up your Instagram grid. Whatever the need, you can trust us to create something that tells your story, sells you, and makes your dream customer really want to be friends.

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We can’t wait to share your story. Fill in the form or get in touch to join us for a lightbulb session.

A branding agency that makes a bang

We’re a branding agency that’s obsessed with championing brands. With a focus on branding, photography, and video production, arming brands with the tools they need to go out and market themselves is kind of our thing. Obsessed with championing Brisbane businesses, we can’t wait to get started on your next project.

Lightbulb Session: Let’s workshop your Logo Design

To create a logo design and a brand identity that takes all your very best attributes and fits them into a neat package, we first need to uncover all the different angles of your business. This is where our lightbulb session comes in. It’s a big, collaborative workshop where we help you take a step back from your business and see just how special it is.

We’ll work out the basics: who you’re targeting, where they are, and how we can best reach them. Then, we’ll work out the smaller details that are actually your big ticket selling points. Why do you do what you do? How do you improve the lives of your customers? And why is your product or service just the thing they’ve been looking for?

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