Kong Group.

A new brand; built on great foundations.


Working with Kong, we wanted to really take the time to understand the company and what their vision and goals were. To not only refresh the visual direction, but to identify Kong as a strong, recognisable brand in the construction and contracting markets. We planned to do this by crafting both written and visual messages that would help communicate the Kong difference, on-site and online. 


Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moment

While we were workshopping with Kong’s director, Nick, we realised he had massive ambitions. He wanted to be big, immediately-recognised, and known as one of the best construction and contracting companies. 

That inspired the lightbulb moment: we didn’t just need a logo, we needed foundations for the runway that this company was taking off on. Because that was the Kong way: strong foundations, strong relationships, and an even stronger work ethic. 

Kong was the contractor who embodied ‘Build Strong’. 

The team really makes your brand unique and something you’re happy to showcase at every level.
The team really makes your brand unique and something you’re happy to showcase at every level. Nick Bidois, Director, Kong Group

Project Story


Looking at the company in this new, fresh light, we wondered what the brand needed to embody to achieve these goals. It needed a clear message, backed by evidence, and cladded in the right energy. Redeveloping the brand, we worked with a clear goal of elevating their stature among the sea of contractors and builders surrounding them. 

We realised the way to do this was by capturing the evidence of their work ethic and their capabilities. It was important that no one would question whether Kong worked to their brand message. It was a ground up thought process that started with uncovering a true story. We did our research, we interviewed dozens of stakeholders to help piece together the story of Kong Group. 

The guiding question? “How does Kong look, speak and deliver?” 


What We Delivered


Creative Strategy




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