GMD Staples.

Let your hard work stand out.


GMD came to us without any prior professional video experience. They had seen our work with a mutual stakeholder in the gymnastics world and knew we would be able to deliver. GMD typically catered to a younger audience with bright, extravagant garments, but they wanted to do something they had not done before – a staples range that would attract interest from mid-late teenage girls. Being so distinct from previous collections, the staples range allowed us to essentially entertain the project as if it was a rebrand and truly exercise ambition.


Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moment

Because the garments were inherently subdued compared to their predecessors, we wanted to ensure they still stood out in their own, unique way. The staples range was designed for girls to wear during all types of athletic training when they put in the most effort – and that was our lightbulb moment. We could let the garments speak for themselves by showcasing them with girls who demonstrated an inspiring level of hard work. This concept allowed us to explore ambition on multiple levels: the athletes’ ambition to push their talent; the technical ambition of the creative; and the ambition of GMD to explore new territory.

It set the bar forwhat we are capableof and opened ourminds for what morewe could achieve.
The range was a step up, and we just wanted to show that to our customers. And the only way to do that, is to do something you’ve never done before. Kait Duignan, GMD Activewear

Project Story


After an extensive search, we found three exceptionally talented girls with well developed skills in gymnastics, ballet, and fitness. We filmed the project as three individual stories focussing on the training regime of each athlete in their own unique location.

In line with our creative commitment to be ambitious and in close collaboration with GMD, we were able to secure the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre (built for the 2008 Commonwealth Games), Progressive Martial Arts/Strength, and the helipad atop Sofitel Brisbane.

What We Delivered



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