GMD Lustre.

A glitter-packed eCommerce campaign


We’d worked with GMD to promote their activewear for previous range launches. So, when they brought us this new collection with such massive potential we were thrilled. The new range came straight off the back of a successful ‘Staples’ campaign together, but this new collection was entirely different. It was made up by this eclectic assortment of materials: colours, glistening elements — each loud piece was entirely different to the next. It stumped us. What was the defining connection of the collection when each piece stood out so strongly on its own?


Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moment

It was such an eclectic collection; every outfit had a bold, loud pattern, because each outfit was designed to shine. It was a collection that would help each girl glisten and shine in their GMD — aligned perfectly with the company’s mission. 

“Lustre” was a moment of inspiration. Lustre: “the state or quality of shining by reflecting light; glitter, sparkle, sheen, or gloss” radiant or luminous brightness; brilliance; radiance. The name of the collection was found.

It set the bar for what we are capable of and opened our minds for what more we could achieve.
It set the bar for what we are capable of and opened our minds for what more we could achieve. Sophie, Marketing, GMD Activewear

Project Story


Our job was more than promoting the new collection. We needed to communicate GMD’s brand values to effectively connect and identify with their target audience. It was important we nailed this, because we viewed it as the key to driving interest and traffic towards GMD’s conversion channels. We wanted to communicate this idea or feeling that, no matter where you are: dance studio, garage, or on stage; Every room will have a chandelier in it, if you’re in your lustre.

The campaign needed an attention grabbing visual. So while focussed on the glistening stars, we took this carefree, fun approach to kind of evoke FOMO in the target audience. We went with the behind the scenes allure of a photoshoot for a captivating, professional advertisement. 

What We Delivered

Creative Strategy




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