Crust & Co.

Ingredients for a brand to rise.


Although their Newmarket shop front had been attracting customers with the smells of fresh baked goods for years – Crust and Co. had very little media online to attract potential relationships. The owner; Lara, was referred to ShareStory to create visual assets to enhance their new website and social media.

The B2C portion of the site would be helpful for people looking to find a fresh croissant – the B2B wholesale side of their business needed a presence to build trust with those larger high volume clientele. Through the visual content we wanted the traditional values of the bakery and quality of their product to capture the hearts and minds from the very first impression.


Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moment

Craftsmanship became a key factor early in our conceptualisation. We wanted to examine the process of crafting bread from the raw ingredients through to sale. The notion of crafting is best imagined through the use of hands, so we ensured our visuals reflected this.

Inspired by authentic French bakeries we wanted to honour the traditions of our client. Not making their premises appear as a heartless production line but more of a warm traditional kitchen, where each loaf coming out of the oven is cared about.

you guys have really captured the warmth we were after to tell our story!
you guys have really captured the warmth we were after to tell our story! Lara Keating, Director, Crust & Co.

Project Story


This project was defined by how well we could observe these craftsmen at work. Understanding their process was critical. Capturing their work with respect and context, rather than interruption or interference. The way they bake is the way we should see it.

We spent some time with the bakers of Crust and Co to observe their process and decide on our capturing approach. The shoot took place in the very early hours of the morning, in concert with normal production.

Starting at all hours of the night and shooting until the dough had become a baked selection in the cabinet. This was a journey our team went on with our baking counterparts.

What We Delivered



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