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We’re a corporate video production agency that loves working with Brisbane businesses to capture and share their stories. With a knack for video production, powerful marketing knowledge, and a passion for bringing out the best in businesses, our corporate videos help you smash your goals.

Corporate video production: it’s versatile

Our corporate video production isn’t just for marketing and advertising your business. Though, it is really, really good at doing that. Corporate videos can make your processes easier — think training, safety information, inductions. They’re amazing for educating — think training modules, step-by-step guides. And, they’re really good at educating your audience and offering up value… Which your customers love, trust us.

We make corporate video production creative

Just because it’s corporate doesn’t mean it can’t be creative. A creative approach to your video means we’ll have thought about it from all angles and perspectives, it’ll be strategic, and it’ll look good. Our video producers approach every project with a creative mindset, so we can solve problems as they arise, think of new and exciting ideas, and continue to tell interesting stories that connect.

Have your lightbulb moment.

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Our video production makes you look professional

It’s creative, it looks good, but it still needs to make you and your team look professional. We’ll kick off the shoot by making sure the space is tidy — that means no jumpers strewn across desks, bins out of sight, and a prepped workplace. It’s carried through the production process as well though. The quality of production, the sound production, and our editing all works to frame you in a highly professional light.

Corporate video production to train & educate

When it comes to tasks like training new staff, inducting them, taking them through safety introductions — it can become monotonous. Plus, even though you do it over and over again, there’s room for error. Creating training, educational, and induction videos for your company ensures everyone receives the same introduction to the company and the same training. It also saves on labour costs and means you can have HR and OH&S managers back doing what they do best.

Market with corporate video production

Video is an amazing marketing tool. Whether it’s in your website’s header to catch visitors’ attention as soon as they land, on your Instagram, or as part of a paid social media campaign. Marketing is all about connecting with people and the best way to connect? Through stories. We’ll package your story up into an inviting and enticing video that sells your business.

Corporate video production to add value

Adding and offering up value to your audience is a really cool way to increase your brand awareness and create new customers. Value comes in many forms, but sharing your industry knowledge, tips and tricks, or offering up a tutorial in the form of a video can be so valuable — it’s like an eBook but easier to consume.

Have your lightbulb moment.

We can’t wait to share your story. Fill in the form or get in touch to join us for a lightbulb session.

Our video production looks really good

When you’re trying to market your business and create hype around your offering, it’s essential you’re planning effectively. So, we never just show up to your business, film some footage, and see what we can do. We plan and storyboard every shot we want to get on the day. Then, during the editing process, we think of everything. Every shot and every sound in the video is scrutinised and considered from every angle.

& It’s backed by strategy

Whether it’s to train your staff or advertise your business — there’ll need to be a lot of thought and strategy behind the video. If we’re trying to share your story and create new customers, we need to work out how we can reach them, resonate with them, and convince them to buy from you. If we’re training or educating, we’ll need to consider how we can best share this information, how we can make sure it sticks in brains, and how we can make sure it’s engaging.

Corporate Video Production FAQs

Corporate video production is video production tailored to a business or company, basically. There isn’t just one kind of corporate video though. You might want a video that inducts new team members and runs them through all those important safety points. Or you might want a video that introduces your company to an audience via your social media. Whatever your corporate video needs, we’ll bring the goods.

We’ll take the reins on the entire project. From the concepting and storyboarding to creating scripts and shooting the video, and of course through to all the editing and production. Then, we’ll deliver you the video or videos in a range of formats so it works across a range of platforms.

  • Video production team
  • Full suite of equipment
  • Editing & optimising
  • The stunning finished product

At ShareStory, we’re full of good ideas and we know you are too. If you don’t have the time and want to “set and forget”, we can handle it all for you. But, if you want to be involved and really contribute to the video — we’ll workshop your ideas with you.

Yeah we can! Animation can be an amazing way to give a video that extra bit of context or a further explanation if we’re working with something complex. Our design team creates really cool video animations to give your video a little extra oomph.

Honestly? We reckon we could make a dungeon look nice. As a corporate video production agency equipped with some fancy equipment, we can transform your workspace. Whether it’s a little extra lighting, some colour correction, or a touch of editing — we’ll make it look lovely.

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