BT Lawyers.

What if lawyers didn’t look so corporate in their marketing?


BTLawyers is a Brisbane based law firm lead by Bruce Thomas. When we met with the firm, their marketing materials needed a bit of a spruce. They wanted something to give their website a little oomph and they wanted to boost their social media presence. But, like their marketing manager, Paul Buckwell said, “[they] didn’t want a run of the mill corporate video.”

“We think that we’re young, progressive, fun people despite being insurance lawyers” – Kerrie Jackson, Director Principal.


Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moment

The lightbulb moment in this project came from the realisation that Bruce Thomas is kind of a big deal in the legal community. With a well-respected name. As a team, we realised that his bold, formidable reputation was something we could play off. That’s when ‘The Legend of BTLawyers’ was born. 

Who is the renowned Bruce Thomas? Did he establish the business in the olden days? Did he star in Suits? Let us share the legend of BTLawyers.

We didn’t want a run of the mill corporate video.
We didn’t want a run of the mill corporate video. Paul Buckwell, Marketing Manager, BT Lawyers

Project Story


We wanted to create a concept with BTLawyers that was ambitious and striking. A statement that helped the brand stand out above competitors and legal names in the Australian limelight.

We had to cut out all the corporate bits. That meant: strictly no handshakes, no city aerial shots, no smiling at documents. We needed to inject personality into the visual side of this brand. “Let’s get your audience talking and thinking about BTLawyers, even if they don’t need legal services yet.”

Borrowing concepts directly from their brand messaging, we set out to position BTLawyers as bold thinkers, innovative and dynamic lawyers, but above all: humans. The lawyers who move, look, and think differently to any other.

What We Delivered

Creative Strategy




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