Brisbane Video Production

Video is the quickest and most simple way to communicate all the good things about your business to your audience. It asks the least of them while communicating the most. Our Brisbane video production team crafts video that screams your value.

A Brisbane Video Production Agency

We’re ShareStory and we’re a Brisbane video production agency obsessed with empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to thrive through stronger marketing materials. That includes branding, graphic design, animation, and photography… but video production is our strong suit. We’ll make it your strong suit too.

Brisbane Video Production: Your Business’ Most Versatile Tool

Video is crazy versatile. It fits into all of your marketing materials… Okay, maybe not print. But your social media campaigns (paid or organic), your website, email marketing, E-Learning, even livestreams. Video can support campaigns across all these platforms in a really unique and powerful way.

Video Production Suited to Your Website, Social Media & Marketing Materials

Like we said, video, whether on your website, social media, or other digital marketing materials is super duper valuable. It can engage and attract new fans from socials by using humour or entertainment, or by telling a familiar story about the annoyances your product solves. Video can put faces to the names of your team, explain your business’ ‘Why’, or sell a product better than its list of features ever could.

Have your lightbulb moment.

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For E-Learning & Online Courses Too

E-Learning and online courses can be magic when they’re crafted just right. Video is obviously an amazing way to share your expertise naturally and in a conversational kind of way. If you’re selling your online course or you’re running a professional E-Learning setup, then propping your iPhone up against a wall isn’t going to cut it. You need professional video production to absolutely nail the delivery.

Brisbane Video Production for Livestream Events

Your audience will tend to be more lenient around the quality for livestream events. But if you want to keep that audience engaged, interested in what you’re saying, doing, or showing? Professional video production is the key.

We Marry Creativity & Strategy for Better Video Production

A video that looks good but has no strategy behind it, is just a pretty video. But a video that’s packed with strategy and looks like it was shot on a potato is no better. To convert your audience into fans of your work, convert website visitors into customers, or to have any kind of success, it’s essential we pack your video with both creativity and strategy.

Video Production Built By & For Stories

So, creativity and strategy are two essentials when it comes to your video production. The last thing your video needs for success? To engage, to resonate, and to mean something to the people watching it. That’s where stories come in. Whether it’s your story, the business’ story, or a relatable story about the terribly annoying pain points your product solves — that’s what we’ll be crafting your video around.

Have your lightbulb moment.

We can’t wait to share your story. Fill in the form or get in touch to join us for a lightbulb session.

Meet Our Brisbane Video Production Team

We’re ShareStory, a Brisbane video production agency that works with businesses to create a higher standard of marketing materials. From small Mum & Dad businesses to national corporations, our team’s equipped to support you and lead you to success through video production, design, and photography.

Brisbane Video Production: Your FAQs

That’s okay! We have a studio here at ShareStory HQ that we can utilise, or we can use our wizardry (video editing skills) to make your space prettier.

Obviously a video production company is going to say this but it’s true: video and the complex go hand in hand. Us shooting a video that outlines your process and the benefits around your product or company is going to communicate everything you need to in a matter of minutes. As well as that, we can use animated design to create flow charts or add in some more visual cues to help your audience get it.

Absolutely everything you need to get your hands on a hand-crafted video for your business. We’ll send our A-Team out to you with a plan. We’ll have a list of shots we need to get while we’re with you, with our end product already in mind (winging the production process doesn’t make for a converting video). Our team will work with you and your team to get every shot in the most efficient way. Then, we’ll edit the video in a range of formats, so you have everything you need for Instagram, your website, LinkedIn, and wherever else you need your video to fit. 

  • Video production team
  • Full suite of equipment
  • Editing & optimising
  • The stunning finished product

We’re pretty clever when it comes to post-production on your video. In saying that, it’s never a bad idea to tidy up your workspace before we visit. Make sure your team is ready to go and dressed smartly. It’s a good idea to ask your team to bring along a spare outfit or a jumper or jacket — this way, if we’re collecting a bit of content it doesn’t just look like one shoot across all your socials or website. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a full run-down ahead of your shoot 😉

You can come along with a whole bunch of ideas ready for us to workshop, or you can come along with absolutely no ideas. We’re experienced in video production, but more than that, we’re experienced in working with business owners to work out who they are, why they’re so good, and how we can best package that up into a video. We’ll work with you to find all the best parts of your business, your team, and your product or service, then we’ll create a story out of it.

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