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We’ve been closely partnering with LashJoy for years now. So, we were really excited to hear about their latest technology development. We were even more excited that they wanted our help developing an identity for it. 

LashJoy had developed a new app for businesses in the beauty industry. BookJoy is “A delightful-to-use, yet highly advanced booking and scheduling system designed specifically for the highly personal and closely connected beauty industry.” It was an app that addressed all those pain points that its competitors just weren’t. 

The creative rules? No clocks, schedules, ticks or generic icons allowed! The booking system industry is flooded with brands utilising these, BookJoy had to feel unique. 

Having worked together so closely, this project developed really organically around conversations, rather than in a scheduled meeting — as all good creative concepts do. 


Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moment

Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most helpful technology creators — our inspiration came from the simplest source. In the beauty industry especially, having a system that can support the never-ending demands of a business is a dream. BookJoy came directly from the need for a system that could handle it all. 

Other systems had tried, but they dropped the ball somewhere. Clunky interfaces, compromising and trading off essential features, or if they didn’t, the subscription cost was through the roof. We thought well, “What if your booking system did make you feel good? What if you loved your booking app?”

And so Bookie, the smiling helper came to life. 

They presented to us a well developed look and feel and then made us feel a part of the process in perfecting it and bringing it life!
They presented to us a well developed look and feel and then made us feel a part of the process in perfecting it and bringing it life! Jeremy Stephens, Digital Sales and Marketing, LashJoy

Project Story


With a tight turnaround assigned to the brief and an app launch looming, the ShareStory team got to work. This had to be the epitome of digital-first branding but with a classic back story.

“What they brought to life with a limited time frame and a simple brief was really confidence inspiring for our new venture. It looks boss on mobile devices and holds its own against some other major apps!” – BookJoy

It felt essential to develop a character. The business owner would have a close relationship with this app, we wanted to quite literally, put a face to the name. We wanted to position BookJoy as more than an app. Bookie would be your new guide in business, your Executive Assistant. Bookie would keep your calendar organised and full, he’d collect deposits from your clients, he’d help you stay in touch with your clients and market to them. Bookie’s here to streamline your beauty business.

What We Delivered


Creative Strategy


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