About Us.

This is our story.

Back in 2016 there was a serious shift in advertising and marketing. Social media wasn’t new, and neither was advertising on it. But the standard of content was. Any business with a decent product or service who could pull off these professional techniques was thriving on social media.

Andrew and Anthony realised that if they joined forces — and expertise — and created content together with this serious goal of generating business through social media, they could help Brisbane businesses rise above and stand out from their competitors. Our demand grew beyond social media though. We now create content for almost any marketing platform, to help you succeed.

We’re not your typical video production company, though. We’re optimists and we believe in people. When we look at a business, we don’t just see a cafe or a construction company, or a gym. We see a morning ritual, a lifestyle shaper, a place for health and wellbeing to thrive.

ShareStory is all about finding the good in a business, packaging it into a story, and sharing it with the right people. It’s not just about creativity, it’s creativity supported by strategy and a strong understanding of what it takes to connect.

Creative Director



The man with a plan and a whiteboard pen always at the ready. Andrew’s high energy and desire to meet and build fun relationships with clients hasn’t helped his coffee addiction. Be it at a café, a pub, a boardroom, or at ShareStory’s Lightbulb Room — Andrew finds a way to whiteboard new strategies and exciting ideas.

Managing Director



Anthony loves three things in life: keeping fit, going to the beach, and editing media until dawn. When he’s not winning back-to-back seasons of touch football, he’s learning the latest and greatest post-production techniques.

Production Manager



The token beard that every creative agency wishes they had. Corey has an awe-inspiring story from his (nearly) decade-long tour throughout war-torn and impoverished countries.

Creative Producer


(Sam I Am)

In a former life Samuel was a flight attendant for Virgin Airlines with a media curiosity. Now he’s a media attendant that’s taking flight.

Constantly in cahoots with Corey to find the perfect coffee blend.

Sam brings exceptional production experience, Big Dad Energy and an ambitious creative attitude to ShareStory’s projects. You’ll no doubt speak to him about bringing your next big idea to life through lights, camera and action.

Creative Content Developer


(Pete, Pixel Pete, P Diddy, Pete-star)

Coming from Tassie, Peter prefers the cold — but that doesn’t mean he’s not constantly bringing hot ideas to the ShareStory Lightbulb Room. Peter’s one of our content creators, camera operators, and our Chief Video Editor here at ShareStory. He’s focused and takes a systemised approach to everything he creates. When Peter’s not perfectly threading together stories, he’s probably out on an adventure.

Creative Designer



Kia may be small but she’s full of huge ideas. Leading the design at ShareStory, she brings our graphics and type to life through clever creativity. Kia’s our most animated storyteller and she injects that animation into every brand she touches. When she’s not helping us develop your brand, honestly, she’s probably just off creating something else.

Creative Assistant


(Lizzy, Liza, El Dog, El Belle)

ShareStory’s resident astrologist, Eliza is a keen marketing graduate injecting her youth and creativity into the ShareStory team through her sacrificial administrative responsibilities and love of flared pants.

When Eliza isn’t keeping the office running smoothly she’s practicing Yoga poses and tracking down the best Soy Cap that Brisbane has to offer.

Such a Virgo.

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